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Lexikon Q

Bild: Q Park


Q-Park was established In the Swedish market back in 2006 through the acquisition of Carpark. Two years later, the name was officially changed to Q-Park and the new company profile was implemented in car parking facilities across Sweden. Parking facilities were continuously adapted in line with Q-Park’s quality requirements.

Carpark was founded back in 1959 and started off with just one car park: the Hötorget parking garage in central Stockholm. Over the coming years, the Hötorget garage operated not only as a car park, but it also became home to a number of sea lions who swam happily in a pool in the 100 section. This was due to a tightrope walker who hired some circus animals in the 1960s. According to urban legend, the sea lions were not always content to simply swim in their pool, and sometimes took it upon themselves to surprise car park customers in other parts of the car park. The Hötorget garage is still part of the company’s portfolio, but now without the sea lions. 

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