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Project – Financial encyclopedia

Everything can be made into a project. But herein also lies a threat.

A little bit of Norway

A project manager will inherently work on the project for the first two phases, and then seek new opportunities for the last two phases.

Because seeing a project through to its final phase, inherently means that the project manager wil be out of a job.

In business terms one can even suggest that the reason 4 out of 5 start-up businesses never reaches maturity, is because the management only sees it as a project.

It is llike building a road;

Why should we build the road? Because cars and people need to travel on the road. Where are they going? Past the place where the road is being built. What is needed to keep them from always passing the place? Services and good excuses for not travelling past the place. This section of the financial encyclopedia is not about solving the problem of why we engange in project management.

Moreover it will facilitate a reference to the many terms used in project management, so that everyone can grasp part of the concept.

In this respect we welcome all contributions that could make this encyclopedia as useful as possible, for as many as possible.

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