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Picture: Audun Richardsen

Steigen muncipality has approximately 2.650 inhabitants and covered a area of 1.006,8 km2 in Nordland county. The first part of the trip goes through a more than 8 km long tunnel. After this the road proceeds further through a picturesque stretch of land alongside the Sagfjord.

At Forsan there is a picnic area with wonderfull views and fine surroundings. The road continues along a coastal area spiced with fantastic nature and cultural memorials from several centuries. You may also be able to see numerous species of eagles along your route.

Steigen muncipality can impress even the most blasé tourist with her sandy beaches and the skerries of the Vestfjord as contrast to the wild, almost alpine mountains at Engeløya and on the mainland. Here is where thousands of fishermen travelled “The waterway” with their open boats to Lofoten and the winter-fisheries every year, with old commercial centres as a beautiful pearl necklace along the coast.

Here you can find remains from the Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age and up the World War II, botanical sensations concidering the latitude, and a rich wildlife with the sea eagle as the ruler. In short, a small paradise for those of you looking for peace and quiet, outdoor-life and nature-based activities like hiking and biking, climbing and fishing.

Here you can sail, row, dive in the clean and amazingly clear water, paraglide or just take a stroll along the beach and let your fantasy guide you into the mythical landscape of our ancestors. This is the land of the magic light where even the Greek god Apollon used to go on pilgrimage every 16th year to gather strenght.

Engeløya is best enjoyed in slow motion, for with her rich archeological finds, gentle beaches and wonderful view over to Lofoten and Hamarøy she is a find for bikers and hikers.

Regardless of the time of year you visit – with the mystical Midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights. The polar night occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours. This occurs only inside the polar circles.

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The best way to discover the natural beauty of Steigen is by boat. This can be possible by contacting [email protected]