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Socio-economic class (NS-SEC)

The UK National Statistics classification that groups together people with similar social and economic status. The version used for most analyses has 8 classes with the first one subdivided. These classes are as follows: 1 Higher managerial and professional occupations: 1.1 Large employers and higher managerial occupations; 1.2 Higher professional occupations; 2 Lower managerial and professional occupations; 3 Intermediate occupations; 4 Small employers and own account workers; 5 Lower supervisory and technical occupations; 6 Semi-routine occupations; 7 Routine occupations; 8 Never worked and long-term unemployed; and Not classified. This classification replaces the previously used classification of socio-economic groups (NS-SEG), along with the classification of social class (NS-SC).

Reference: Oxford Press Dictonary of Economics, 5th edt.