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Finance – Financial encyclopedia

International finance and the terminology used has become more and more advanced over the years. Abbrevations are used to explain financial structures that for most of us are greek even when fully explained.

Is benchmark an inscription left on a bench, or is it comparison with other companies listed on the stock exchange?

This and other definitions of the vast array of business terms used in the financial world is what the financial encyclopedia offers.

The main objective of the financial encyclopedia is to offer you a comprehesive guide to business terms used within banking, finance, insurance and accounting.


Banking has become international. It transcends international legislation, making customers dependent on which regulatory body that oversees their investments. Are the funds you invest in Sweden, actually protected by Swedish law, or are your investment in fact regulated by a completely different body all together?

Only by understanding the complexity of the international financial system, one can make a valid judgement about where and when to invest.


Our aim is not to advice you on good investment opportunities. Our aim is to give you the tools needed to understand the international business language. In this respect, you will hopefully be able to make a more qualified decision next time you decide to meet with a qualified investment consultant.

This web-site should only be used as one of a number of references pertaining definitions of financial terms. It cannot be held responsible for any financial decisions made, either by the reader as an individual or by a company using this site for reference. The sole purpose of the Financial Encyclopaedia is to collect international business terms in one site. In this respect, readers should only use this site as reference only, as well as consulting other sites for further documentation on terms explained herein.