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A person working within the precincts of the law. Basically, he is the intermediary between the public and the dispensers of justice. His work consists for the greater part in advising clients on their legal rights, dealing personally with smaller matters from conveyancing to proceedings in magistrates’ courts, and putting the client in touch with a barrister where legal action is to be taken at a higher level. The charges made by a solicitor, e.g. for conveyancing, are dictated by the law society, which keeps a watchful eye over the profession. A solicitor who engages in nefarious activities, offends against accepted modes of conduct or misuses his client’s monies may be subjected to severe penalties. A solicitor must be articled to a firm of solicitors for a defined period and pass certain examinations set by the Law Society.

Reference: The Penguin Business Dictionary , 3rd edt.