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Export house

A general term applied to one of a number of specialist concerns whose role is the provision of services relating to exports. They are of various types. Some act as merchants, buying from manufacturers and exporting on their own account. Others effectively act as the export department of the manufacturers which they represent. putting the specialist knowledge which they have acquired over the years at the disposal of their clients and thereby facilitating selling in overseas markets. These latter generally offer financial services also, which enable the seller to obtain prompt payment and the buyer to obtain any credit facilities which might be appropriate.

Certain export houses also double as Confirming Houses, in which casc they virtually act as agents for both vendor and overseas purchaser, often being instrumental in bringing the parties together initially and generally taking responsibility for financial arrangements on both sides. Export houses are represented centrally by the British Export Houses Association, which will provide manufacturers with the names of houses most suited to their needs.

Reference: The Penguin Business Dictionary, 3rd edt.