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With an increasing array of financial abbrevations being used in the business world, the need for an encyclopedia which explain these in plain language is needed.

The general aim of this site is to provide a companion (not an oracle) to those interested in economics, accounting, project management and financial formulas.

The enclyclopedia is divided into the following categories:

Containting financial definitions used in banking, investment planning, insurance and financial regulations. Macroeconomic terms are also to be found under this section.
Collection of terms used in international accounting.
Collection of financal formulas used in general finance and accounting.
Spreadsheet solutions whcih can assist you in analysing your buisness, based on the collection of formulas found elswhere in the encyclopedia.
Definitions used in project management.


Although we take great care in checking the viability of each definition in this enclyclopedia, there may occure some academic discrepanises. In this respect, we strongly advise that you as a user also check other sources if needed.

But most of all. This encyclopedia is desinged for you're pleasure. So, should you miss any definitions or even feel that some of the definitions included here are wrong, you are more than welcome to contact us. Just clikc on the contact button, and send us your comment.