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Finance L
Labour-augmenting technical progress
Labour, division of
Labour economics
Labour Force Survey
Labour hoarding
Labour market
Labour, mobility of
Labour, specialization of
Labour standards
Labour supply
Labour theory of value
Labour turnover
Laffer curve
Lands Improvement Company
Large numbers, law of
Laspeyres index
Latin American crisis
Latin American Free Trade Association (L.A.F.T.A.)
Latin American lntegration Association
Lausanne school
Law, John (1671-1729)
'Law of demand' - see Demand curve
Law of large numbers
Law Society
Layfield Committee
Leading indicator
Leads and lags
Leakages from the circular flow of income
Least-developed country
Least squares regression
Least-squares growth rate
Leeman's Act 1867
Legal tender
Lender of last resort
Leontief paradox
Leontief, Wassily W.
Lerner, Abba Ptachya (1903-1983)
Letter of allotment - see Allotment of shares
Letter of attorney
Letter of credit
Letter of hypothecation
Letter of mart and countermart
Letter of regret
Letter of renunciation
Letters of administration
Lewis, Sir William Arthur
Liberalized economies
Liberal trade policy
Licence Raj
Licensed dealers
Lien, equitable
Lien, general
Lien, maritime
Lien on shares
Lien, particular
Lien, possessory
Life assurance - see Assurance
Life Assurance and Unit Trust Regulatory Organization
Life cycle
Limitation of actions
Limited dependent variable
Limited information maximum likelihood (LIML) estimation
Lindahl equilibrium
Linear approximation
Linear probability model
Linear programming
Linear regression
Linear regression model
Linear relationship
Liquidity preference
Liquidity trap
Lisbon Agreement (Treaty of Lisbon, Lisbon Treaty)
Listed company
Listed security
'Little Neddies'
Living Costs and Food Survey (LCF)
Lloyd's agents
Lloyd's List and Shipping Gazette
Lloyd's medals
Lloyd's Register of Shipping
LM curve
Loan capital
Loan-loss reserve
Loan portfolio
Loan stock
Loans-to-deposit ratio
Loanable funds
Local authority housing
Local government
Local public good
Locomotive principle
Locus poenitentiae
Logarithmic scale
Logistic curve
Logit model
Log-normal distribution
Lombard Street
Lome Convention
London acceptance credit
London bank export credit
London Bankers' Clearing House
London Commodity Exchange (L.C.E.)
London Gazette
London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (L.I.B.O.R.)
London International Financial Futures Exchange
London Metal Exchange (L.M.E.)
London Money Market Association
London Stock Exchange
Long-dated securities - see Securities
Long-end of the market
Long position
Long rate
Long run
Long-run Phillips curve
Long-term interest rate
Long-term unemployment
Longfield, Samuel Mountifort (1802-84)
Loss of profit insurance
Louvre Accord
Lucas critique
Lump of labour fallacy
Lump-sum tax
Lutine bell

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'Little Neddies'


'Little Neddies'

The colloquialism for the economic development committees of the National Economic Develompent Council.

Reference: The Penguin Dictionary of Economics, 3rd edt.