Finance T
'Tableau Economiquc'
Take-off in economic development
Take-over bid
Take-over panel
Tap issue
Tap stock
Tariff offices
Tasting order
Tatonnement process
Tautology - see Hypothesis
Tax - see Taxation
Tax, ad valorem
Tax and price index
Tax avoidance
Tax base
Tax burden
Tax credit
Tax deduction card
Tax deposit certificate
Tax evasion
Tax expenditure
Tax haven
Tax, progressive
Tax, proportional
Tax, regressive
Tax Reform Act
Tax reserve certificates (UK)
Tax return, personal
Tax shelter
Tax shifting
Tax, specific
Taxation schedules (UK)
Tea auctions
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
Tender: capital issues
Tender for bills
Term loan
Term structure of interest rates
Terminal market
Terminal Market Associations
Terms of trade
Territorial waters
Theory of distribution
Theory of the firm
Theories of value
Theory of games
Theory of income determination
Theory of second best
Theory of the firm
Third class paper
Third-degree price discrimination
Third party insurance
Third World
Thornton, William Thomas (1813-80)
Threshold price
Ticket day
Tiebout hypothesis
Tied loan
Tier 1,2 - see Capital ratio
Tight money
Time bargain
Time deposit (U.S.)
Time preference
Time series
Time Series Analysis
Times covered - see Dividend
Token coins
Tokyo Round of Trade Negotiations
Town clearing
Toxic asset
Toxic debt
Trade, Department of
Trade and Industry, Department of
Trade barrier
Trade bill
Trade cycle
Trade Descriptions Act 1968
Trade diversion and trade creation
Trade investments
Trade sanctions
Trading currency
Tragedy of the commons
Transaction costs
Transaction cost economics
Transactions demand for money
Transactions motive
Transfer deed
Transfer earnings
Transfer payments
Transformation curve
Transmission of shares
Traveller’s cheques
Treasure trove
Treasury, the
Treasury bilI
Treasury deposit receipt (T.D.R.)
Treasury notes
Treaty of Accession
Treaty of Rome
Treaty of Stockholm
Trial of the Pyx
Troy weights
Trust deed - see Debentures
Trustee investments
Trustee Savings Bank (TSB)
Turn - see Jobber's Turn
Turgot, Anne Robert Jacques, Baron de l'Aulne (1727-81)
Turnpike theorems
Two part tariff - see Tariff
Two-stage least squares
Two-tailed test
Type I and II errors


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