Finance P
P/E ratio
Par rate of exchange
Paasche index
Paid-up policies
Paper money
Par value
'Paradox of value' - see Marginal utility
Parallel money markets
Pareto, Vilfredo Federico Damaso (1848-1923)
Pareto-optimal - see Economic efficiency
Pareto's law
Pari passu
Paris Club - see Group of Ten
Parkinson’s Law
Part payment
Partial correlation
Partial equilibrium analysis
Partial loss
Participation rate
Particular average loss
Passing a name
Pay As You Earn (P.A.Y.E.) - UK
Pay pause
Payable to bearer
Payable to order
Paying-in book
Payments, balance of
Payment for honour supra protest
Payment on account
P/E ratio - see Price-earnings ratio
Peg - see Exchange rate
Pegging the exchanges
Pension funds
Pension schemes
Per capita income
Performance bond
Period bill
Permanent income hypothesis
Permission to deal
Perpetual debentures
Personal accounts - see Current account
Personal disposable income
Personal loan
Petty, Sir William (1623-87)
Petty's law
Phillips, Alban William Housego (1914-75)
Phillips curve - see Phillips, Alban W. H
Physical controls
Pigou, Arthur Cecil (1877-1959)
Pigou effect
Pink Book
Planned economy
Plate glass insurance
Point elasticity - see Elasticity
Poison pill tactics
Policy proof of interest
Poll tax
Portable pensions
Portfolio - see Investment portfolio
Positive economics
Post-dated cheque
Post-war credits
Power of attorney
Prebisch, Raul D.
Precautionary motive
Predatory pricing
Preference shares
Preferential Trade Area for East and Southern Africa
Premium savings bonds
Price-earnings ratio
Price elasticity of demand
Price elasticity of supply
Price freeze - see Price control
Price index - see Index number
Price system
Price theory
Prices and incomes policy
Primary dealer
Primary market - see New issue market
Prime lending rate
Prime rate (U.S.)
Prior charges
Private banks
Private enterprise - see Private sector
Private net product
Private sector
Probabilistic sample - see Random sample
Produce exchange - see Commodity exchange
Productive efficiency - see Economic efficiency
Professional indemnity insurance
Profit, falling rate of
Profit policy - see Assurance
Profit taking
Profits tax
Programme, planning, budgeting system (P.P.B.S.)
Progressive tax
Promissory note
Propensity to consume
Propensity to import
Propensity to save
Property bond - see Bond
Property income from abroad
Proportional tax
Proprietary insurance company
Prosecution, agreements to stifle
Protest - see Nothing and protest
Public debt - see National debt
Public enterprise
Public expenditure
Public finance
Public goods
Public liability insurance
Public sector borrowing requirement (P.S.B.R.)
Public trustee
Public Works Loan Board
Puisne mortgage
Pump priming - see Deficit financing
Purchasing power parity theory
Pure competition - see Perfect competition
Pure monopoly - see Monopoly
Put option - see Option
Pyramiding - see Holding company
Pyramid selling


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