Finance N
Naked short-selling
Name (at Lloyd’s)
Narrow-band ERM
Narrow money
National accounts - see Social accounting
National debt
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
National Development Bonds
National Economic Council
National Economic Development Council
National Giro Bank (UK)
National Health Service (NHS)
National income
National income accounts
National Instition for Transforming India
National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR)
National Insurance
National Insurance contributions (NICs)
National Insurance scheme
National product - see National income
National Research and Development Corporation
National Savings Certificates
Natural experiment
Natural growth rate
Natural resources
Near money
Negative income tax
Negative interest rate
Negotiable instrument
Neo-classical economics
Net domestic product
Net property income from abroad
Net worth
Net worth ratio
New Deal
New Development Bank
New issue market
New Keynesian economics
New protectionism
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Newly industrialized countries (NICs)
No-ciaims bonus
Nominal competitive return - see Profit
Nominal yield
Nominee shareholders
Non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU)
Non-contributory pensions
Non-linear programming
Non-parametric regression
Non-tariff barriers
Non-taxable income
Nonlinear regression
Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance, The
Nordic Investment Bank
Normal profit
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Not negotiable
Not to press (N.T.P.)
Notary, public
Note circulation
Notice of abandonment
Noting and protest
Notial demand - see Effective demand
Null hypothesis
Numbered account
NYSE Euronext


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