Accounting C
Capital allowances (UK)
Capital clause
Capital commitments
Capital employed
Capital expenditure
Capital loss
Capital, nominal - see Authorized capital
Capital redemtion reeserve fund
Capital, registered - see Authorized capital
Capital reserves
Capital: serious loss
Captain's entry
Captain's protest
Car hire
Car tax
Cascade tax
Cash book
Cash flow statement
Cash and carry
Cash discount
Cash price
Casting vote
Caveat emptor
Caveat subscriptor
Centre for inter-firm comparison
Certificate of damage
Certificate of incorporation
Certified Accountants, Chartered Association of
Cesser clause
Cesser of action
Chain store
Chairman of a company
Chairman's report
Chamber of shipping
Chamber of trade
Chambers of Commerce
Charges forward
Charging order
Charter by demise
Chartered accountant
Chartered Accountants, Institute of (EW)
Chartered accountant Australia
Chartered accountant New Zealand
Chartred agent
Chartered company
Chartered Secretaries, Institute of
Chartering, marine
Cheap jack
Chief executive
Circulating capital
City terminal service
Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.A.)
Classified advertisement
Closed shops
Coasting trade - see Coasters
Cold calling
Collective bargaining
Commercial Accountants, Society of
Commercial credit - see Bank open credit facilities
Committee of inspection
Common carrier
Common law
Common ownership
Common prices system
Companies Acts (U.K.)
Companies House UK & Northern Ireland
Companies: index of names
Companies: reduction of capital
Company (UK)
Company: change of name
Company: commencement of business
Company: disclosure of interest in shares
Company, exempt private
Company, formation of
Company investigations
Company limited by gurantee
Company limited by shares
Company, name of
Company, objects of
Company, private
Company, public
Company: register of interest in shares
Company, registered number
Company seal
Company, unincorporated
Company; winding-up
Company's liquidation account
Compensating errors
Compensation for loss of office
Conditional sale agreement
Concealed discount - see Trade discount
Confederation of British Industry
Conference lines
Confirming credit - see Confirming House
Confirming House
Conflict of law
Consignee - see Consignor
Consignment note
Consolidated accounts
Consolidation of capital
Construction industry
Consulage - see Consular invoice
Consular invoice
Consumer loyalty
Contingent liabilities
Contract of affreightment
Control accounts
Corporation aggregate
Corporation sole
Corporation tax (UK)
Corresponding figures
Cost accountant
Cost and freight (c. & f.)
Cost and management Accountants, Institute of
Cost benefit analysis
Cost book mining companies
Cost curves
Cost, insurance, freight and interest (ciLfj.)
Cost-plus contract
Credit note
Credit sale agreement
Critical path analysis
Cross offer
Current assets
Current cost accounting (C.C.A.)
Current liabilities
Current purchasing power (C.P.P.) accounting
Current ratio
Current taxation
Custom of trade
Customs: airports
Customs: crews effects
Customs: final clearance inwards and entry outwards
Customs: landing cargo
Customs: ships' stores
Customs tariff
Customs union
Cut-throat competition


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